We will have a new remixer joining us soon. Hailing from Olso, Norway .
He has done remixes of Submarine, All Neon Like, Anchor Song, Bath, Show Me Forgiveness and Venus as a Boy.


The time has finally come to update this site with a re-design.
All the remixers will soon have a HTML version of their page.
Will keep you posted.

1st August 2011

Dark Jedi - Crystalline
Dark Jedi - Submarine
Dark Jedi - Who Is It (Cover Mix)
Dark Jedi - The Comet Song
Dark Jedi - Atlantic
Dark Jedi - 5 Years


1st October 2010

Omnimotion - Desired Constellation (Omnimotion remix)
Vind - Possibly Maybe (Petite Vulcan Mix)
Vind - Hyperballade (Close or Open Mix)
Stiernedust (Eivind S.) - All Neon Like (All Stiernemix-Like)
Ramataupia - I See Who You Are (Enjoy Every Bit of You) - Cover

1st August 2010

Milkbleeder - Hidden Place (Milkbleeder Remix)
Zenmetalshirt - Declare Independence (Zenmetalshirt Remix)
Ridu - My Juvenile (Chillout Mix)
Digga-Bit - I've Seen It All (Digga-Bit Remix)

1st July 2010

Jemset - Hidden Place (Wild Wild Remix)
Jemset - Cocoon (Dub Mix)
Miedlev - Undo (Miedlev Remix)
Scuzzy - Joga (Scuzzy's Neyðartilvikum Remix)
Vind - You've Been Flirting Again (Height Glides Mix)
Karlos - Joga (Landscape Mix)
Tahnaiya Russell - All Neon Kings (ft Wyclef, Forte, Lauryn Hill, Muhammad Ali)

1st June 2010

Tahnaiya Russell - So Broken
Dark Jedi - New World
Vind - Possibly Maybe (Tap Mix)
Vind - All Is Full Of Love (All of love Mix)
Vind - Harm of Will (Vind's Mix)
Tommy Shagreen - All Neon Like (Sexual Healing Mix)
Tommy Shagreen - I Want You (Guðmundsdóttir Gaye)
Tommy Shagreen - Show Me Forgiveness (Guðmundsdóttir Gaye)
Tommy Shagreen - Got to Give it Up Pt. 3 (Guðmundsdóttir Gaye)
Tommy Shagreen - Crying (Guðmundsdóttir Gaye)

1st May 2010

Tommy Shagreen - I Want You (Guðmundsdóttir & Gaye)
Dark Jedi - Ancestors
Dark Jedi - Headphones
Dark Jedi - I've Seen It All
Dark Jedi - Pagan Poetry
Dark Jedi - Sonnet Unrealities
Synthomania - The Anchor Song (DubStep Rave Mix)
Vind - Big Time Sensuality (Spring Remix)
Floorganic - Anchor Song (LE1 Remix)
Floorganic - Hunter (Hunter Dub)
Stiernedust - Who is it? (StierneMix)
Recreational Research Foundation - Aurora (Bjork vs Ravel - Mashup)

1st April 2010

Tommy Shagreen - The Dull Flame of Desire (Radio Edit 84)
Floorganic - All Is Full of Love (Floorganic's Shitkle Remix)
Yngvi - Declare Independance (Death Game Remix)
Yngvi - It's not up to you (Soft distortion remix)
Yngvi - Aurora - (Hyper Walking Remix)
Yngvi - Hidden Place (Bass Boost remix)
Yngvi - All Neon Like (Spaceship Remix)
La Velle Irth - Holographic Entrypoint (LaVelle's Mix)
Andreas Grimell - Joga (Guitar Cover)

1st March 2010

Ridu - Cocoon (Happy Mix)
Ridu - Frosti (Meditation Mix)
MaDSouL - Show Me Forgiveness (Remix)
Kadoo - Declare Independence (Lemosh Mix)
Reyn vs La Kidda - Hyperballad (cover)
Badi Assad - Bachelorette (cover)
Drama - Army of Me (cover)

1st February 2010

Tahnaiya Russell - Venus As a Boy
Steviegil - Anna (Anna Steviegil Mix)
Tommy Shagreen - All Neon Like (Sexual Healing Mix)
Tommy Shagreen - Human Behaviour (I Can't Wait Mix)
Tommy Shagreen - Immature (Computer Age Mix)
Gavin Castleton - Come to Me (Not-Quite-Dubstep) - Cover

1st January 2010

Tahnaiya Russell - New World
Tahnaiya Russell - Birthday ft Angus Black (Remix)
Floorganic - Desired Constellation (Diamond 2012 Remix)
Vind - Aeroplane (Contact Aerial Mix)

1st December 2009

Ridu - You've Been Flirting Again (Simple mix)
Ridu - Desired Constellation (Furthermore Mix)
Angus Black - Birthday (Surfboard Wax) - Cover

1st November 2009

Tahnaiya Russell - Mother Heoric
Tahnaiya Russell - Earth Intruders
Leidi Misterie - Unravel (Cover)

1st October 2009

Tahnaiya Russell - All Neon Like
Mike Relm - Human Behaviour (Mike Relm Remix)
Diego Garcia - Oceania (Diego Garcia Remix)
Floorganic - Sun In My Mouth (Glowing Tongue Remix)
Floorganic - Pagan Poetry (Machine Gun Remix)
Ridu - Amphibian (Midnight Mix)
Ridu - All Is Full of Love, Anchor Song, Heirloom, Immature, Undo, Show Me Forgiveness

1st September 2009

Floorganic - Hope (Haribo Remix)
Floorganic - Pluto (Bi-polar Remix)
Floorganic - Hunter (10th Dimension Remix)
Floorganic - Hidden Place (Eternity Remix)
Floorganic - Hidden Place (Grand Meaning Remix)
Dark Jedi - Cocoon (Dark Jed's 2nd Mix)
Dark Jedi - Declare Independence (Dark Jed's 2nd Mix)
Dark Jedi - Nattura
Vind - Violently Happy (Very Violently Happy Mix)
Vind - Anchor Song (Crying Sounds)
Vind - Unravel (Unravel Mix)
Vind - All Neon Like (Microcosmos)
Leidi Misterie - All Is Full of Love (Cover)

2nd August 2009

Tommy Shagreen - Venus As A Boy (Real Love Mix)
Tommy Shagreen - Hyperballad (Tommy's Diner)
Tommy Shagreen - Human Behaviour (Live with Queen Latifah)
Vind - Wanderlust (Wonderlust Mix)
Vind - Venus As A Boy (Windland Love-Filter Mix)
Vind - Aurora (Spark The Sun)
La Velle Irth - The Dull Flame Of Desire (La Velles Mix)
Ezequiel Esley - I See Who You Are (Ezequiel Esley Remix)
K'rito - Hunter (Reggaeton Cover)

1st July 2009

Tommy Shagreen - It's In Our Hands (Nickel Bag Mix)
Max Blomgren - The Modern Things (Zavod Remix)
Floorganic - Joga (Angry Snares Remix)
Floorganic - Desired Constellation (Crystal Light Remix)
Floorganic - Immature (Erutammi Reamix)
Floorganic - Mouths Cradle (Dark Epic Remix)
Ridu - Joga (Dazed Mix)
Paolo - Desired Constellation (Cover)
The Last Domino - Hyperballad (Cover)
Dan Timmermans - All Is Full Of Love (Cover)

Not accepting any remixes from May til end June '09. Next announcment 1st July '09

1st May 2009

Ridu - Bath (Ghost Mix)
The Conjoined Boy - My Juvenile (Clumsy Mix)
The Conjoined Boy - Triumph of a Heart (Simply Mix)
Dark Jedi - It's Not Up To You
Dark Jedi - Earth Intruders
Dark Jedi - Alarm Call

1st April 2009

Kadoo - Wanderlust
Ridu - All Is Full Of Love (Furthermore mix)
Ridu - Anchor Song (Numara Mix)
Ridu - Headphones (Dreamer Mix)
SzF - New World (SzF Remix)
Floorganic - 5 Year Monday Massacre (Bjork vs Mr Oizo)
Tahnaiya - Wanderlust
Tahnaiya - Birthday (The Sugarcubes)
Leidi Misterie - One day (Leidimisterie cover)
Ridu - All Is Full Of Love (Cover)
Ridu - Venus As A Boy (Cover)

1st March 2009 | New Remixer: Reyn

Reyn - I've Seen It All
Reyn - All Is Full Of Love
Reyn - Declare Independence
Floorganic - Sonnets/Unrealities XI (Triumph Remix)
Tahnaiya - 5 Years With Computer Loving Atliens

1st February 2009

Tahnaiya Russell - Pagan Poetry
Tahnaiya Russell - You Felt Gorgeous
Dark Jedi - Aurora
Ultima Stimulus - Violently Happy (Since I've imaged you)

1st January 2009! | New Remixer: Floorganic

Floorganic - Cocoon (Pixee eyes remix)
Floorganic - All Neon Like (Glóa Ljómi Remix)
Floorganic - I See Who You Are (Stór Augsýn Remix)
Floorganic - Midvikudags (Skamaték Remix)
Floorganic - An Echo A Stain (Remix)
Bora Bahadır - All Is Full Of Love (Enstrumantel)
The R-mixer - Vökurò (Double-U Hill R-mix)
The R-mixer - Vökurò (Tin Toy R-mix)
The R-mixer - Wanderlust (None Inch Nail R-mix)
The R-mixer - My Juvenile (Youthfully R-mix)
The R-mixer - Declare (Your Own R-mix)
La Velle Irth - Vertebrae by Vertebrae (LaVelle's Dub)
Reyn - I've Seen It All (Reyn vs Bjork) Emotron - Hyperballad (Cover)
Tommy Shagreen - Come To Me (Cover)

Happy New Year! 2009!

No December Update, Tea needs a break

1st November 2008

Tahnaiya Russell - Verandi (Remastered)
George Featherby / Tonfabrik: I See Who You Are (George Featherby\'s Tonfabrik Mix)
Scervin Beatz - Mother Heoric
Prydrm - Ambergris March
B-Ju - Wanderlust (B-Ju Remix)
Prydrm's page now has full versions of his remixes available to listen to in his music player.
Recently added Undo, New World, I've Seen It All and Scatterheart.

New Section: Bjork Covers

La Velle Irth - Hyperballad (Cover)
Samuelkk - Náttúra (Cover)
Jesse - Who Is It (Cover)

1st October 2008

New Page Design For Tommy Shagreen
Llutris Enhydra - Headphones (Orgasm mixxx)
Ridu - Heirloom ( Arfazadeh Mix )
Tahnaiya Russell - My Juvenile
Tahnaiya Russell - Unravel
Tahnaiya Russell - Anchor Song (Shorter Mix)
Tahnaiya Russell - Scary
Tommy Shagreen - Pagan Poetry (Ghost Money)
Dark Jedi - An Echo A Stain
The Darkest Heritage - Mouth's Cradle (Incredibly Hot Remix)
La Velle Irth - It's In Our Hands

1st September 2008

Blank Canvas Orchestra - Declare Independence (D I rmx)
Dark Jedi - Who Is It (Remastered)
Dark Jedi - Vokuro
La Velle Irth - Ambergis March (LI Redemption Mix)
La Velle Irth - Gratitude (LI No Hook Mash Up ft. Jay Z)
La Velle Irth - Hunter's Vessel (LI Whip Mix)
La Velle Irth - Pearl (LI Panter Mix)
La Velle Irth - Shimenawa (LI Shimmy - Ya Mix)
La Velle Irth - Vessel Shiminawa (LI SHimmy SHimmy Mix)
La Velle Irth - Gratitude (LI Urban Mix)
Recreational Research Foundation - Aurora (rrf remix)
Ridu - Immature
Ridu - Undo
Ridu - Show Me Forgiveness
Tahnaiya Russell - Possibly Maybe
Tahnaiya Russell - The Anchor Song (Longer Mix)
Tommy Shagreen - Possibly Maybe (Erotic Robotic)
Wialenove - The Dull Flame Of Desire (Wialenove Remix)

1st August 2008

Jaramogi - Hidden Place (Hidden Place)
Recreational Research Foundation - Bjork vs Arvo Part (bjork vs arvo part)
MaDSouL - It's In Our Hands
MaDSouL - Immature
Bigadiga - Vokuro (Underwater Remix)
Lak.ritz.lik.oer - The Anchor Song (The Anchor Cave Remix)
Madì - Earth Intruders (Madì's Fender Rhodes Version)
Dark Jedi - It's In Our Hands
Dark Jedi - Undo

2nd July 2008

Lonny Lord - All Neon Like (Lonny Lord Mix)
Tommy Shagreen - Foot Soldier (Mercenary Mix)
Senzar - Scatterheart (Senzar remix)
Tahnaiya Russell - Pneumonia
Tahnaiya Russell - Sun In My Mouth
Tahnaiya Russell - Verandi
La Velle Irth - Bath (LI Apacalypto Preset)

10th June 2008

KarGo Pluggy - Desired Constellation
Ridu - Hope (Black & White Mix)
Tahnaiya Russell - Aurora
Tahnaiya Russell - All Nothing Like
Tahnaiya Russell - I Miss You (Slow Mix)

25th May 2008

Ridu - Sonnets/Unrealities XI
DJ Hada - Unravel (DJ Hada Natural Mix)
Kadoo - Pneumonia
Mal - Immature (Strange Attitude remix)
Mal - Generous Palmstroke (Mal's squaring palmstroke version)
Mal - Heirloom (Mal classic Drum & Bass remix)
Mal - 5 years (I dare you remix)
Mal - In our hands (Mal Hyke feelings remix)
Zismaer - Show Me Forgiveness (Zismaer's Remix)

17th May 2008 - New Remixer: Tahnaiya Russell

Tahnaiya Russell - 5 Years
Tahnaiya Russell - Triumph Of A Heart
Tahnaiya Russell - Harm Of Quiet
Tahnaiya Russell - Our Hands
Tahnaiya Russell - Hyperballad
Tahnaiya Russell - I See Who You Are
Tahnaiya Russell - Declare Independence
Tahnaiya Russell - Undo
Tommy Shagreen - All Neon Like (Quagga Mix)
Tommy Shagreen - Hunter (Donkey Kong Mix)
Dark Jedi - Enjoy
Dark Jedi - Komid
La Velle Irth - Play Dead (True Statik Mix)
Michael Powell - Show Me Forgiveness
Alan Parker - My Juvenile

17th April 2008

Hydra - Undo (stationery-set-mix)
Florent - Hidden Place
La Velle irth - New World (Fuck Sake Mix)
Dark Jedi - Anchor Song & Storm

1st April 2008

Ridu - Earth Intruders (Meditation Mix)
La Velle irth - Pluto (Fuck Off Mix)
Tommy Shagreen - One Day (New Boyfriend Mix)
Tommy Shagreen - Pleasure Is All (Baleen Mix)

17th March 2008

Tommy Shagreen - Unravel (Eighty-Six Mix)
Kadoo - Generous Palmstroke
Dark Jedi - Bath
Dark Jedi - One Day
Dark Jedi - Play Dead

1st March 2008 | New Remixer: Ridu

The R-Mixer - Hope (my version of it r-mix).mp3
Angel Galan - In The Musicals
Prydrm - I See Who You Are (Prydrm Mix)

17th February 2008

Dark Jedi - Foot Soldier
Dark Jedi - Pluto
La Velle Irth - Wanderlust Vs Control (LaVelle's Mix)
Ridu - Pneumonia (Bluelight Mix)

1st February 2008

La Velle Irth - 5yrs (LaVelle Irth Mix)
La Velle Irth - I've Seen It All (LaVelle Irth Mix)
La Velle Irth - Ambergris March (LaVelle Irth Remix)
Charles Croft - Hidden Place (Slipping Away....)
Charles Croft - It's Not Up To You (Bjorknot)
Tommy Shagreen - Sweet Intuition (The DNA Remix)
Tommy Shagreen - Joga (Downward Facing Dog Mix)
Ridu - Sod Off (Furthermore Mix)

17th January 2008

Dark Jedi - I Miss You
Ridu - All Neon Like
Ridu - Aurora (Zen Mix)
Kadoo - Oll Birtan (Kadoo Mix)
Kadoo - Vokuro (Kadoo Mix)
kadoo- Desired Constellation (Kadoo Mix)
Moonbuz - Unravel (Moonbus Mix)
Tommy Shagreen - Headphones (Pure Ceylon Tea Mix)
Tommy Shagreen - Cocoon (Blunted Mix)
La Velle Irth - It's Not Up To You (LaVelle's Tranquilizer Mix)

1st January 2008 - No New Remixes

Happy New Year! 2008!

17th December 2007

La Velle Irth - My Juvenile (Elemental Mix)
Tommy Shagreen - Vertebrae by Vertebrae (Steam Bath Mix)

3rd December 2007

New Page Design For Dark Jedi
La Velle Irth - Undo (1984 Mix)
La Velle Irth - Pagan Poetry (Come Alive Mix)
Hyrda - I See Who You Are (Mechanical Splash Mix)
Dark Jedi - All Is Full of Love

17th November 2007

Scervin Beatz - Sod Off
La Velle Irth - Army of Wanderlust Mix (Relentlessly Crazy Mix)
La Velle Irth - All Neon Juvenile (delenquent line mix)
La Velle Irth - Something In Pagan Pluto Water (5yrs of Boredom)
La Velle Irth - It's Oh So Quiet (Riot Remix)
Tigerlost - Cover Mix (Stephane Meyer Remix)
Kadoo - I See Who You Are
Dark Jedi - Sweet Intuition

1st November2007

Dark Jedi - The Boho Dance
Shawn Lyon - Hidden Place
Kadoo - I See Who You Are (Kadoo's Mix)

20th October 2007

The R-Mixer - Mother Heroic (Modest Sorrow R-Mix)
The R-Mixer - Mother Heroic (Sorrows To Keep R-Mix)
La Velle Irth - Declare Independence (4th July Mix)
La Velle Irth - Sweet Intuition (Cinemix)
Tommy Shagreen - All Is Full Of Love (Quiet Storm)
MLG aka Nardo - Hidden Place
MLG aka Nardo - It's Not Up To You
Kadoo - Mother Heroic (Kadoo's Ecstatic Vocal Dream)
Kadoo - Mother Heroic (Kadoo's Ecstatic Mix 1)

20th September 2007

Tommy Shagreen - Sun In My Mouth
Winterman - I See Who You Are
Feisar - Army Of Me (Feisar Remix)

8th August , ‎2007 | La Velle Irth joined Bjork Remixes.com

Galtar - 107 Steps (Galtar's Step Towards The Light Mix)
Jeranium - New World (Jeranium mix)
Hypermonky - I See Who You Are (Hypermonkey Mix)

25th July, ‎2007 | Scervin Beatz joined Bjork Remixes.com

Sun In My Mouth
All Neon Like

1st June , ‎2007 | The R-Mixer (previously known as Glasperlenspiel) joined Bjork Remixes.com

Dark Jedi - Vertebrae by Vertebrae
Dark Jedi - The Dull Flame of Desire
Hypermonky - My Juvenile (Hypermonkey Mix)

31st May ‎, ‎2007 | Tommy Shagreen joined Bjork Remixes.com

Mike Youmans - Declare Indepedence (LFO Mum Man Mashup)

1st May‎, ‎2007 | Prydrm joined Bjork Remixes.com

Kuriaki - Hyperballad (Acustique)
Bexarametric - Possibly Maybe (Bexarametric Remix)
Bingo starr - Hyperballad (Björk vs Múm)

19th April ‎, ‎2007 | TTCommeuneon joined Bjork Remixes.com

Winterman - All Neon Like (2007 Remix)
Petit Volcan - In The Musicals (Lamentation Of The Little Marijuanna Smoker)
Petit Volcan - All Is Full Of Love (Still Walking For Love Mix)
Logan Dataspirit - Show Me Forgivness (Logan dataspirit Mix)
Iloyd (aka Tolga G.) - Hunter (Harder Steps Mix)
Iloyd (aka Tolga G.) - Scatterheart (Dream Mix)
Astro Bjork - Oceania (Seashell Mix)
Feisar - Frosti (Across The Lake)
Feisar - Show Me Forgiveness (Purity Mix)
Fh+ - Gling-Gló (Fh+´s Snow Mix)
Fh+ - Unison (Fh+´s Blue Clouds Mix)
Fh+ - Venus As A Boy (Postivo Mix)

5th March, ‎2007 | Paul Dye joined Bjork Remixes.com

2nd March‎, ‎2007 | MaDSouL joined Bjork Remixes.com

27 February ‎, ‎2007 | Dark Jedi joined Bjork Remixes.com